MAS – Mississippi Association of Supervisors

The Mississippi Association of Supervisors is a professional networking platform for county supervisors in Mississippi. MAS recognizes that county supervisors are essential in providing regional leadership over crucial policy areas. County supervisors oversee policies that ensure secure communities, promote economic development, promote sound healthcare services, and plan and protect land use.

MAS is a non-profit association that offers a platform for local county supervisors to express critical issues facing local communities. The association also provides a platform for county supervisors to share information and develop proactive policy agendas. The association’s membership is available to the 410 county supervisors from the 82 counties of Mississippi.

The Purpose of MAS

MAS acts as a professional networking platform for county supervisors to interchange development ideas. The core agenda of the association is to advance ethics, general welfare, and financial affairs of the state. The association has managed to mobilize state county supervisors who have enabled to instill a sense of understanding between counties.

MAS also acts as a platform for Mississippi county supervisors to keep track and analyze the legislation affecting counties. The members of the organization benefit from supervision based training and scholarships to further their education. County officials benefit from professional inter-relationships that enable personal and professional development.

County Supervisor Benefits

1) Training and Education

County supervisors benefit from the training offered by the association. Training includes issues such as managing disasters, building community partnerships, financial management, and other critical public services. The training sessions provide county supervisors with the opportunity to further their knowledge in areas that are important to the people they are serving.

2) Scholarship Program

MAS provides its members with an opportunity to apply for scholarships to develop their supervision skills and knowledge. The scholarship program’s role is to actualize the association’s agenda to enhance county supervision skills and standards.

The association benefits from awarding scholarships in that when county supervisors gain additional education, they help grow the association by contributing advance concepts of supervision.
County Benefits

1) Disaster Relief Fund

MAS offers a disaster relief fund to the 82 counties of Mississippi to mitigate and cover for county disasters. Natural disasters such as floods, ice storms, fires, terrorism, earthquakes, and other large scale disasters are covered under this relief fund.

County supervisors are responsible for applying for the relief fund, and the association committee must approve the funds before funds are released to the county.

2) Small Loans Program

Member Counties benefit from a small loans program from MAS to finance small tasks such as budgeting for capital projects, fulfilling county cash-flow needs, and funding small county acquisitions. The current loan limit for the small loan project is $1.5 million, with terms of up to 10 years.

In summary, the Mississippi Association of Supervisors (MAS) acts as a professional networking platform for county supervisors. The association benefits county supervisors and communities in Mississippi counties in the development of policies that favor regional growth. MAS enables Mississippi to have stable management and supervision of Mississippi major assets.

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